Baby Bathtubs with stand, Dutch,Bathtubs, galvanized,Bottle dryers, French,Bottle holders,Brass teapot, Chinese,Cake Tins,Canisters, enamel,Enamel pails,Dutch Washstand w/basin,Dutch Round Washstand w/basin,Dutch Baby Bath on Metal Stand,Crushed sap buckets with words,Chinese Willow basket,Chinese Rice Scoop/Measure Basket,Chinese Kidney Basket,Chinese Three Handled Rice Market Basket,Chinese basket with lid,Washtub, elliptical,Mop Bucket,Wire Corner Shelves, small,Coal Scuttles,German Watering Cans,English Watering Cans,Enameled Washtubs,Gym Basket,Grape Basket, French,Coal Bucket, English
Birdhouses, American,Bulb Containers, Dutch,Wagon Wheels,Well Water Bucket on Stand, Chinese,Hay Fork,Garden Angel
Artillery Basket, Swiss,Banneton, French,Chinese round baskets,Chinese Rectangular Basket,Pigeon Carriers,Chinese Fishing Baskets,French Market Baskets,Washtub, Elliptical, Galvanized
Alter Tables, short, Chinese,Alter Tables, tall, Chinese,Bench, Chinese,Bistro Chairs, French,Bistro tables, French,Candle Tables, Chinese,Chairs, Chapel,Chairs, fancy arm, Chinese,Chairs, English deck,Chairs, fancy - no arm, Chinese,Chairs, Farm - no arm, Chinese,Chairs, wooden folding,Bistro Chairs, Belgium,German Goat Carts,Beach Chairs,English School Desks,Chairs, English school,Chinese Stools, small
Baby Carriers, Dutch,,Box, Chinese wooden,Box, Chinese wooden w/brass,Bread Trays, French,Bread/Cheese boards, Dutch,Buoys, Canadian,Carpenter line, Chinese,Castle ashby carrier, England,Champagne Bottle Racks, French,Drying Racks, German,Dutch Dough Risers,Dough Bowls,German Sled,Ram's Horn Sled,Painted Seed Boxes,Sugar Molds,Well-Water Buckets, Chinese,Marriage Box, Chinese,Chinese Dou, small,Chinese Dou, large,Chinese Wheel barrel,Canadian Shutters, double,Rice Measures, Chinese,Grain Scoop, wooden, Chinese,Chinese Wine Barrels
Pottery, Glass and Stone Items
Sugar Molds, Glass Votive Candle Holders, Terra Cotta Flower Pots, Cone Candles, Flower Pot Candles, Stands
Pub Signs, Tibetan Chests, Other Unique Items

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do most of the antiques you have come from?
A: Europe (Germany, Holland, England and France), Canada, The United States and China.

Q: Do you personally go there and pick items out?
A: I do a couple of times a year. I have been fortunate in finding a lot of Great people that I speak to constantly who buy for me. I always let them know what to look for and they usually find it and other Great Stuff.

Q: How do you find the quantities of stuff you carry?
A: Most times it can take months to find the kinds of antiques in the quantities I need. Most of them are literally bought one at a time from homes, fairs, shows, farms, stores, etc...

Q: Do you have a catalogue?
A: Not a printed one, but most of my items can be found and ordered on this web site. I am constantly getting merchandise all the time. It changes very often. So the most effective way to keep my customers up to date on the latest Great Stuff is this Website.

Q: How can people or businesses buy from you?
A: You can purchase online, call my store at (301) 631-5340 or 1 (888) 729-4548 (orders only), or fax an order to us at (301) 631-0783.  Click here for more information on ordering.

Q: How do you ship my orders?
A: Via UPS-Truck.  Click here for my shipping policy.

Q: How can we get prices?
A: Most prices are listed in the On-Line Store, but you can also call us during normal business hours at (301) 631-5340.

Q: Do you sell to businesses wholesale?
A: Yes. The largest part of our business is to Dealers, Decorators, Stores, Restaurants, etc... Most of our items are bought for resale. Our prices are Great - and also many of our items are used to decorate or used as props.  Click here for more information on becoming a Great Partner.

Q: How often do you get merchandise?
A: Almost every month I get 40 foot large containers from Europe and around the world. Every couple of weeks I get merchandise from my pickers in Canada. Every week my pickers bring stuff to my store. I do approximately 10 shows around the country per year - mainly in the South and East (click here for schedule) - and am always buying more Great Stuff for you.

Click here if you want to ask Paul a question.

Great Stuff By Paul Antiques and other Great Stuff.

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